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Picnic season!
Diana Earnshaw offers top tips and recipes to make the best of the picnic season. So grab your blankets, baskets, food, family and friends and get out into the great outdoors!
Why we love cheese
There are very few natural foods that supply such a broad range of important nutrients, in a form which is easy to assimilate for us humans. Cheese is up there near the top of the list.
Local supplier of the month: Village Maid Cheese
Village Maid Cheese is based at Risely, 10 miles from the True Food Shop. Village Maid Cheese was started by Anne Wigmore in 1986.  Together with her husband Andy, and staff, the company now produce three award-winning cheeses.
Get to know your True Food team
True Food’s members own and run the business, but we also have a small and dedicated core of five paid staff members who keep the show on the road, each with their own specific role. Charlotte Hawkins found out more about the team, their jobs and why they enjoy being a part of True Food.
Spring clean more green
At last, Spring has arrived, and with it traditionally comes the desire to fling open a few windows and give the house a thorough clean. Sadly, in our modern era, cleaning often involves the use of harsh chemicals, which is unnecessary and hugely damaging. Find out how you can clean more green...
“..Of cabbages and kings”! A line from The Walrus and the Carpenter – one of my favourites in Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland. A very appropriate line, as the very hardy January King cabbages are still available at True Food.
Veg crisis!
At True Food we always price our food honestly, and that is why you may have noticed that the price of broccoli and some other imported vegetables went through the roof a few weeks ago.
Our focus on local
One of True Food's most important principles is that we source as much local food as possible.
My week at True Food
Katarina Hutton describes her School's work experience at True Food.
Why not turn your talents to True Food?
One of the great things about volunteering is that it allows people to use their skills to benefit the community as a whole. Sometimes people shy away from helping out as they don't feel they have any special skills to offer, but at True Food there is a role for you, whatever

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