We currently have a vacancy for a Business Development Lead.


True Food is still open 10-3 every day except Tuesdays and Sundays. We are limiting the number of customers in the shop, but we are serving people super fast, so it is unlikely you will have to wait for long. 

Face coverings in store

It's now mandatory to wear face coverings in shops in England.

Please can you wear a mask in store unless you have a medical exemption. 

If you have forgotten a mask, you are welcome to use the ones provided.

Please be rest assured that we will not turn customers away.

Thank you very much for your co-operation.

Keep well and smiling! 

True Food Staff


100% True Local Ethical FairThe True Food Co-op is a not-for-profit community shop in Reading, Berkshire which sells local, ethical, wholesome and organic food, toiletries and household goods.


True Food Community Cooperative is seeking to appoint a business development lead working 25 hours per week. The annual salary is £15,700.
Soft fruit and tomatoes
This month Diana brings us some delicious seasonal recipes using soft fruit and tomatoes.
You can still pay with cash at True Food if you need to
Why have we continued to accept cash during the pandemic? There are many reasons people may need to use cash, and what is important for us as a community co-op is to remain accessible to everyone who wants to shop with us.

Get involved

Active members are the backbone of True Food, because without them, we could not exist. Although casual shoppers are always welcome, True Food's customers are encouraged to become members, taking an active role in keeping our organisation going for the benefit of the whole community. There are many ways to help out and we only ask for three hours per calendar month to qualify for great shop discounts.