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We sell ethical and sustainable bodycare products. Where possible, these are zero waste refill where you bring your own bottles or containers (with the volume marked on them) and refill them. * means NEW.

Bodycare refills

  • SESI Bodywash - lavender, rosemary and spearmint
  • SESI Bodywash - pomegranate
  • *Alter Native Bodywash - coffee & cedarwood
  • *Alter Native Bodywash - pink grapefruit
  • *Alter Native Bodywash - lavender & geranium
  • SESI Shampoo - lime, basil and mandarin
  • SESI Shampoo - lan y mor
  • Alter Native Shampoo - clear and simple
  • SESI Conditioner - lime, basil and mandarin
  • SESI Conditioner - lan y mor
  • Alter Native Conditioner - clear and simple
  • SESI Handsoap - english rose

Primrose Lady is a Reading based producer of ethical bodycare products. 

  • Naked bodycream
  • Safflower bodybutter
  • Menthol foot balm
  • Rose lip balm
  • Meadowfoam lip balm
  • A range of handmade soaps

Dental care

  • Geoorganics toothpaste and toothpowder
  • Sarakan anti-plaque mouthwash and toothpaste
  • Green people toothpaste - adult and child
  • Georganics Oil Pulling Mouthwash
  • Environmental toothbrushes - adult and child
  • Georganics activated charcol dental floss and refill


  • Fitpit - 25ml/100ml - man, woman and sensitive
  • Urtekram Roll-on Deo Crystal - aloe vera and rose
  • Salt of the Earth Crystal deoderant

Menstrual products


  • Yaoh Organic Hemp Seed Oil
  • Aqua Oleum Almond Oil
  • Lavera Men's Sensitive Moisturising Cream


  • *Alter Native handmade soaps 
  • Fair Squared Condoms - fair trade and vegan
  • Weleda Shaving Cream
  • Just Little Changes Reusable Make-up wipes
  • Simply Gentle Cotton Pads and balls

Balm of Gilead skincare – a beautiful and fragranced range of handmade soaps from Mavis who is based in Scotland. She has been making her soaps since 2012.

If there's something else you want please ask us as we can usually order it for you. Email buyer@truefood.coop.

We are happy with our current range of bodycare products, if we're looking for new products, we'll mention it here.