Covid-19: customer guidance

Our opening hours are as normal: Monday and Wednesday to Saturday 1000-1800. If we need to change these, we will update our website and announce any changes through social media. 

For loose foods, please bring your own clean food containers or bags, or use the brown bags provided in store.

For liquid refills, you can still bring your own containers and refill as normal; till staff will ask you for the contents and amount, but we have asked them not to handle any customer containers.

It's mandatory to wear a face covering in shops in England, so please come prepared to wear a mask if you are shopping with us, unless you have a condition that means this isn't possible. 

If you have forgotten your mask, you're welcome to use the ones we provide.

We also ask that before you start shopping, you either wash your hands at the sink in the back of the store, or use the hand sanitiser provided.

We do not have a one way system in place, but we are currently restricting customer numbers to six and ask that you keep a distance from away from each other. 

Thank you