Join the Friends of True Food

FriendsTrue Food is a cooperative, owned and run by its members. 

Our mission is to ‘carry out any trade, business or service that supplies and promotes affordable access to organic food and ecologically sound products for all the people of our community’.

To achieve this aim we need as many friends and supporters as possible! We have therefore set up a new group, called ‘Friends of True Food’ for those who love True Food but choose not to join us as members.

Please join at the shop, or print off and return this form.


Friends of True Food

  • Receive our monthly e-newsletter ‘Pulse’
  • Are kept up to date with products, events and developments
  • Are invited to attend True Food Members’ meetings
  • Have access to our True Food website
  • Can help the business in practical ways
  • Can join as members at any time

 How our Friends can support us!

  • Shop with us!
  • Give us your feedback
  • Tell your friends about us, tweet about us, post about us, shout about us…
  • If you choose, help in the shop -help always welcome with cleaning, tidying and restocking. Contribute to the business in other ways – check out what is needed on our website

Contact us at

 True Food is Registered Society under the Co-operative and Community Benefit Societies Act 2014.