Become a member of the True Food community

Our members own and run True Food.

Our mission is to 'carry on any trade, business or service that supplies and promotes affordable access to organic foods and ecologically sound products for all the people of our community indiscriminately'.

We welcome people into our co-operative who are over 18, support our mission and are happy to spend at least three hours every quarter actively helping run our business. 

Membership runs from January to December and costs £10, £1 of which is invested in True Food as a 'share' in our business. This investment gives you both the chance to shape how we run and develop our business, and the obligation to be actively involved. 

To apply for membership, please complete this form and take the second page into the shop along with your £10. 

To find out more about the kind of activities you can do to participate in our business, see About Us

True Food is Registered Society under the Co-operative and Community Benefit Societies Act 2014.