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Origins of Halloween
Find out more about the origins of Halloween and our modern traditions, and read about some alternative celebrations for 2020.
How Plants Can Support Our Immunity (Immunity Part 2)
Before we had medicines as we know them, plants were used for their effects on our health. I am not going to suggest that we treat ourselves with some of the potentially dangerous herbs, but most edible plants contain chemicals that can be beneficial to our health – and some can even be restorative.
Cultured Food and its Role in the Immune System (Immunity part 1)
With autumn on the horizon, it is the right time to boost your immune system for the winter. Viruses thrive in the cooler conditions but there are many anti-viral foods at our disposal – so best we use them. AND – it is ORGANIC September so shopping for these foods at True Food is the right choice!
Soft fruit and tomatoes
This month Diana brings us some delicious seasonal recipes using soft fruit and tomatoes.
You can still pay with cash at True Food if you need to
Why have we continued to accept cash during the pandemic? There are many reasons people may need to use cash, and what is important for us as a community co-op is to remain accessible to everyone who wants to shop with us.
Message from our Chair
Reflecting on the past year and looking ahead to the next five-year business plan.
Regenerative farming
Our newsletter contributor Diana Earnshaw shares what she knows about regenerative farming as she believes it is the only hope we have of rescuing our planet in the long term.
No doubt at this time many of you are busy sowing seeds in your gardens and greenhouses. But if you're impatient to see the results have a go at sprouting seeds, beans, lentils and grains. It only takes days, so the fruits of your labours can be seen very quickly.
The global challenges we face of how to feed a growing population has become a hot topic over the past few years. It is now clear that something has to be done to tackle these challenges as our current way of producing food is destroying our planet.
Dried Fruit
I have been reading that during these strange times, people are getting creative in the kitchen. This can only be good! Really, what better way to pass the time than to cook?

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