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Why is organic so good?
Most people would agree that organic products are in many ways ‘better’ than conventionally produced foods. Yet there are still many misconceptions about what ‘organic’ really means. We provide clarity and bust some common myths about organic foods to help our customers make informed decisions.
New zero waste foods now in stock
We asked customers what new zero waste foods they'd like to see and they're now available in store.
Save money this Plastic Free July
Use this voucher to save money shopping refills with us during July!
Making your own ice cream
If there ever was a food that typifies the warm afternoons and evenings of outdoor fun and eating, it must be ice cream. But it does not have to be the sugar-laden, chemical cocktail that it sometimes is. Have a go at making your own with these delicious recipes!
New potatoes
Like the first asparagus or strawberries, new potatoes are usually eagerly anticipated! Find out about their nutritional value and some simple recipes.
Quinoa and Millet
Find out about these lesser-known seeds and grains available at True Food.
True Food on TV
Watch the clip of us on ITV Meridian, showcasing zero waste organic foods and ethical refills.
Zero waste shopping made easier
Members and staff spent b/h Monday improving the shop layout to make zero waste shopping easier for customers.
New local jam available
Come and check our the new range of jams from local jam celebrity, Sarah Roy aka 'The Jam Lady'
Asparagus day is the 23 April. Read on for some facts about Asparagus and some delicious recipes.

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