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Leftovers, Soup and Beans - with vegan options for Veganuary
It may be a little late for leftovers but if you are like me, you still have them because you froze them all to deal with later. Try some of these recipes to use them up.
Top tips for reducing food waste
According to Olio, over $1 trillion worth of food is wasted globally every year, weighing a total of 1.3 billion tons. Member Karen Barrass is making more effort to reduce her food waste. Here are some of her ideas if you want to reduce your food waste too.
The Alliums (Immunity part 3)
Leeks, onions, garlic and chives are from the allium family. They contain allicin – and this is the compound which is so helpful to us. Here are some recipes to include them in your diet.
Christmas is Coming!
Diana Earnshaw brings us a selection of recipes for delicious Christmas treats!
If you’ve been in the True Food shop recently, you may have noticed a new range of handmade body butters and soaps from PrimroseLady. We talked to owner Kumari Samarasinghe, a long time True Food volunteer and former committee member to find out more.
Top tips for a greener Christmas
Christmas can be a time of excess, but it is possible to celebrate whilst also minimising our impact on the environment. With the big day fast approaching, here are some top tips for making the festivities greener. Sustainable seasons greetings!
A momentous year
Francis Jakeman, Chair of True Food, reflects on the past year and the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic.
Origins of Halloween
Find out more about the origins of Halloween and our modern traditions, and read about some alternative celebrations for 2020.
How Plants Can Support Our Immunity (Immunity Part 2)
Before we had medicines as we know them, plants were used for their effects on our health. I am not going to suggest that we treat ourselves with some of the potentially dangerous herbs, but most edible plants contain chemicals that can be beneficial to our health – and some can even be restorative.
Cultured Food and its Role in the Immune System (Immunity part 1)
With autumn on the horizon, it is the right time to boost your immune system for the winter. Viruses thrive in the cooler conditions but there are many anti-viral foods at our disposal – so best we use them. AND – it is ORGANIC September so shopping for these foods at True Food is the right choice!

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