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Get your gorgeous gifts at True Food

Posted on Tuesday 29 November 2016



As we enter the festive season, knowing what to buy friends and family for Christmas, when they already have everything they need, can be a tricky business. Have you thought of taking advantage of what True Food has to offer at this time of year?



Buying your gifts at True Food has many advantages not found elsewhere:

  • True Food's products are ethically sourced; you can rest assured that everyone in the supply chain has been treated fairly - something that seems all the more important at Christmas in our affluent society when our thoughts often turn to those less fortunate.
  • True Food sells a wide range of natural toiletries, such as moisturisers, soaps and hair products that are ideal for people who prefer to avoid hormone-disrupting and environmentally damaging chemicals. You would be sure that these lovely products would get used, rather than sit in the back of the bathroom cupboard!
  • You can bag up pretty little packages of organic dried fruit and nuts using our special gift bags, choosing those that you know your friends and family like the most, without the over-the-top packaging and hefty price tag that characterises the non-organic supermarket equivalents.
  • True Food sells an enormous range of organic food in bottles and tins, much of which can't be bought in the shops. Why not make up your own original hamper of unusual sauces, fruit spreads, spices and herbs, dried pasta, soups and much more - all tailored to the person for whom you are buying?
  • Buy one simple but gorgeous food gift, perhaps a jar of something delicious, a tin of something unusual, a packet of something exotic or a basket of organic fruit. It is guaranteed to delight your friends and loved ones. 
  • Food gifts from True Food are perfect for those who follow special diets, such as vegans, or those who need gluten-free or lactose-free foods. The range of products for special diets is enormous and would be appreciated by someone who knows you have chosen specifically for their needs.
  • If you really want to treat those you love, buy them a True Food Gift Voucher (available in £10 denominations). Give them the pleasure of a relaxing exploration of what True Food has to offer, followed by the twin pleasures of buying and eating what they choose.

Of course, it's not just gifts you can buy at True Food!


If you've not yet made your Christmas cake, don't forget we sell a wide range of flour, dried fruit (including candied peel!) and nuts.  Try our recipe!

Nearer the time buy your Christmas staples: Brussels sprouts, red cabbage, carrots, parsnips, potatoes and more - all organically produced and full of flavour. What more could you ask for?


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