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The Pulse - March Newsletter 2017

Posted on Monday 27 February 2017

The Pulse
The Pulse



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LocalHoneyOur focus on local

By Charlotte Hawkins, Volunteer Contributor

One of True Food's most important principles is that we source as much local food as possible. Several small-scale suppliers provide us with vegetables from South Oxfordshire and bread from Berkshire, but it is not just the super-fresh foods that are local: some of our dairy products and store-cupboard staples such as cheese, honey, flour, sauces, pasta, chocolate, soap, chickens and apple juice come from local producersRead more... 



True Food Members' event

Sun 7 May 2017 10am - 3.30pm

Come and join us for a fun day out at Green Shoots, a five acre plant nursery just north of Sonning Common. They supply a lot of our organically grown fresh greens and run horticultural therapy for adults with learning and physical disabilities via the charity Ways and Means Trust. Find out more...



Veg crisis!

By Rebecca Hughes, True Food's Buyer

At True Food we always price our food honestly, and that is why you may have noticed that the price of broccoli and some other imported vegetables went through the roof a few weeks ago. This was following a series of awful weather conditions in growing areas of Spain and Italy. Find out more...

True Food always has the best local and UK vegetables in stock, why not give them a try? 

Diana has a nice recipe or two to help you on your way below! 


Cabbage"...Of cabbages and kings!"

By Diana Earnshaw, Volunteer Contributor

“..Of cabbages and kings”! A line from The Walrus and the Carpenter – one of my favourites in Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland. A very appropriate line, as the very hardy January King cabbages are still available at True Food. They are deemed one of the best of all cabbages by many people. They are very beautiful too – with their purple-tinged outer leaves. Read more...


JamieOliverRedCabbageRECIPES of the month

By Diana Earnshaw, Volunteer Contributor

Braised Red Cabbage - courtesy of Jamie Oliver
I used this recipe  - courtesty of Jamie Oliver - as an addition to Christmas dinner last year. It is scrummy!
Coleslaw with curry dressing
This salad is a nice change from the usual coleslaw and partners well with grilled or barbecued meat, meat loaf or a vegetarian roast.



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