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Local supplier of the month: Village Maid Cheese

Posted on Monday 1 May 2017

AnneAndyVillageMaidVillage Maid Cheese is based at Risely, 10 miles from the True Food Shop.

Village Maid Cheese was started by Anne Wigmore in 1986.  Together with her husband Andy, and staff, the company now produce three award-winning cheeses.

We stock two out of the three Village Maid cheeses, Spenwood and Wigmore. They are made from 100% ewe’s or Guernsey cow's milk using vegetarian rennet, and contain no artificial additives. Both sheep’s milk cheeses are invaluable for people allergic to cow’s milk, and all are suitable for vegetarians.

The Spenwood cheese is named after the Berkshire village where it originated, Spencers Wood.  Anne was inspired to WigmoreCheesedevelop Spenwood after visiting Sardinia and tasting the local Pecorino cheese. Spenwood is a hard-pressed cheese made from unpasteurised ewe’s milk, and is fully matured for six months with a natural rind. It has a well-developed nutty flavour but kept longer it becomes harder and is a good substitute for parmesan with pasta and risotto recipes.

The Wigmore cheese is named after the cheese-makers. Wigmore is a traditional hand-made washed curd cheese and is matured for six weeks with a white rind. This is a lovely soft cheese, which can be baked in its wheel, like camembert. Perfect for dipping what you fancy in it!

Watch the Village Maid Cheese film.

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