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Summer food with children in mind: Burgers & Brownies

Posted on Monday 28 May 2018

By Diana Earnshaw, Volunteer Contributor

The barbecue season is upon us – at last! May has seen people scrubbing barbecues up and down the country in preparation for summer. The smell of flame cooked food fills the air and families country-wide take to their gardens. 

Store bought barbecue food leaves a lot to be desired nutritionally and almost always contains ingredients we would prefer to avoid – preservatives, flavourings and sometimes even sugar (look for "..ose" at the end of a word in the list of ingredients), for example. With children and teenagers in mind, a beef burger recipe seems appropriate and won’t break the bank. The Rhug Estate Organic Farm beef mince (sold at True Food!) is superb for the recipe below. It’s a great source of relatively inexpensive animal protein which is good for B vitamins, iron and the fat soluble vitamin D3 (Rhug's lean mince is not ultra-lean so it contains some fat). 

Thanks to BBC Good Food for this recipe. Click here or below to try recipe.

Beef Burgers

Beef Burgers BBC Good Food

Sugar-free Brownies

Sugar-free BrowniesKeeping children in mind and with the attention well and truly on reducing sugar, I thought I would add a sweet recipe which has no added sugar! These brownies can be served warm with ice cream at a barbecue and cooled, tucked into lunch boxes for school, safe in the knowledge that this deliciousness is actually healthy! There are lots of antioxidants in chocolate with a high percentage of cocoa solids and the dates have lots of minerals – including the all-important magnesium. Eggs have all the fat-soluble vitamins, Omega 3 and an array of minerals.

Thanks to Jamie Oliver for the basis of this recipe. 

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