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Fairtrade Chocolate

Posted on Wednesday 29 January 2020

Fairtrade fortnight runs from 24th February to the 8th March – a celebration of the Fairtrade Foundation’s mission to ensure fair pay for farmers. Many of these workers in West Africa are women and as they have more duties (eg. rearing children) and fewer rights than men, they need special consideration.

For us, we get to eat the wonderful chocolate and frankly, it’s our duty as fair-minded and ethical consumers to get stuck in!

Chocolate of the sort found at True Food is vastly different to the chocolate at supermarket checkouts. Commercial chocolate generally contains very little nutrition. It also contains a lot of sugar. Check the ingredient list – after milk, sugar is the second ingredient. Cocoa mass and cocoa butter come next followed by vegetable fats (including palm oil) and flavourings. This is not chocolate – it’s a confection that offers nothing nutritionally.

On the other hand, the ingredients of dark organic chocolate typically read as follows: Organic Cocoa Mass 67%, Organic Sugar 25%, Organic Cocoa Butter 8%, Organic Natural Flavouring: Vanilla. This type of chocolate not only has no nasties, but offers some useful nutrients and antioxidants. These comprise many of the essential minerals including iron and magnesium, antioxidants including polyphenols and flavonols and vitamin E and a variety of the B vitamins. Yes, it has some sugar, but substantially less than the commercial chocolate varieties.

So how can we help the Fairtrade mission? Include organic Fairtrade chocolate as a treat occasionally (tough, but someone’s got to do it!) or try the recipes below.

Rustic Mayan truffles

Mole chilli

Healthy chocolate hazelnut spread

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