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Christmas is Coming!

Posted on Monday 14 December 2020

By Diana Earnshaw

I don’t know about you, but I for one, am really looking forward to Christmas – even more so this year. The tempting wafts of Christmassy cooking emanating from the kitchen. The resinous smell of pine from the tree. Cosy evenings with family, sipping a cup of spiced wine and of course, the delicious treats to go with it! We are truly blessed with the wonderful array of foods accessible to us. (We can help the less fortunate by donating some of these Christmas treats to the local food bank, when we are at the shop.)

“Treat” usually means something pleasurable that we don’t have all the time. At Christmas, this often means extra sugar. Don’t panic!  There can also be treats that don’t involve sugar, or are lower in sugars. Think of the juicy mandarins, the crunchy nuts and chocolate. Yes chocolate! It is perfectly possible to enjoy chocolate confections which are lower in sugar. (See Jamie’s Chocolate Pots below.)

Try the recipe below – lebkuchen. It’s a little like our gingerbread but spicier. This is a traditional cake/biscuit (somewhere in between!) in Germany. If you have children, enlist their help!  


Jamie Oliver’s Chocolate Pots

Sweet and Spicy Nuts

Savoury(ish!) Spicy Nuts

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