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How to make a chicken last a week!
Allowing for the fact that most people would be bored with seven days of chicken, I will show you how it is possible to make three meals for four people (two adults and two children). Maybe have a non-chicken day in between for variety!
Why is dietary advice constantly changing?
There is a never-ending stream of new studies that show one particular component of food to be potentially good or bad for our health. It is natural to ask why scientists can't give us a straight answer, but there are many reasons why studying diet and health is wrought with complications.
Food security and self-sufficiency
Food security is a hot topic due to global concerns about feeding a growing population. This is inextricably tied in with the question of food self-sufficiency, and with Brexit looming, it hasn't been so relevant since the second world war.
There is no better time than summer to indulge in the luscious sweetness of fruit. Fruit is one crop that it is imperative to buy organically. But beware: organic fruit bought at the supermarket is very different from what you can buy at True Food.
True Food and the growth of the organic movement
True Food started 20 years ago as a group of individuals clubbing together to buy organic and ethically produced food in bulk. It is now a thriving not-for-profit business. How did this happen? Its success is largely down to a change in society: what was once a fringe movement has become mainstream
As a not-for-profit organisation, there are fundamental differences between the way that True Food sets its prices and how commercial food retailers set their prices. Read on to find out how our prices are fair to the grower, supplier, and perhaps most significantly, to the customer.
Over the last couple of decades, people have become increasingly aware of how most meat is produced. The bucolic image of animals living a free and healthy life before a quick and humane slaughter is far from reality. Find out how meat at True Food is better for you, the animal and the environment
To give thanks and celebrate 20 years of True Food, we are running four events in 2019 that are open to anyone who wants to come - a talk on organic food, a members' BBQ, an open day and a party.
The variety of world cheeses available is staggering. However, the UK produces an impressive variety on its own. We are very fortunate that we have some fabulous cheeses being produced right on our doorstep, including some of our favourites from local suppliers Village Maid!
Meet our local suppliers
An important part of True Food's ethos is to use local suppliers wherever possible. Here, three of our suppliers tell us about their produce and their relationship with True Food.

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