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Dealing with a glut - and making the best of inexpensive seasonal food
Many of us grow some fruit and veg - whether it’s a few salad items on a windowsill or in a patio-tub or a more comprehensive array in our gardens/allotments. These sometimes give us a glut to deal with. Here's some guidance on what to do with your glut, and enjoy it all year round.
Why buy local, seasonal food?
September is a time of year in which, since the dawn of agriculture, harvest has been celebrated. Seasonal food scarcity is almost unheard of, as what we can't grow here in the UK, we just import. But there are so many benefits of buying local, seasonal food.
Summer greens
Find out why green leafy vegetables are more nutritious than other vegetables and try our mouthwatering recipes for Avocado & Spinach Breakfast Smooth and Watercress soup.
Gorgeous greens from Greenbroom
We chatted to one of our local producers of gorgeous greens, Greenroom, a low-impact agricultural co-operative based in Crays Pond in South Oxfordshire. Find out more about this small farm with a big heart.
What does Organic mean?
What does Organic mean? When did it all start? Is it more nutritious? Is it better for the environment? Is it the same as free-range? Is it just about food? Are supermarkets' organic good enough, and is everything True Food stocks organic? Answers here...
Summer fruits
Make the most of the wonderful jewel-like berries available now. They are low in sugar and high in nutrients! Learn more and try our tasty summer fruit recipes.
Summer food with children in mind: Burgers & Brownies
Diana Earnshaw offers delicious Summer food recipes with children's health in mind. Try making Beef Burgers for the BBQ and reduced sugar Brownies.
The bittersweet tale of sugar
In April of this year, the UK followed many of our European neighbours with the introduction of a tax on soft drinks sweetened with high levels of sugar. But will this be enough?
Fat does not make you fat
Fat does not make you fat: You could be forgiven for believing that fats and oils were unhealthy. Nothing could be further from the truth – they contain nutrients essential for health that cannot be found (in a useable or bio-available form) elsewhere.
The truth about palm oil
As palm oil production has increased exponentially over the past 35 years, the impact on the environment and the welfare of the indigenous populations and wildlife is becoming increasingly clear.

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