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The truth about palm oil
As palm oil production has increased exponentially over the past 35 years, the impact on the environment and the welfare of the indigenous populations and wildlife is becoming increasingly clear.
Join the Friends of True Food
We have set up a new group, called ‘Friends of True Food" for those who love True Food but choose not to join us as members.
There is something pretty special about seeing a plant – especially a food plant - develop from a seed. The only problem is that we have weeks to wait! So why not try growing micro-greens in just a few days – and for just a few pence!
The plastic pollution revolution
A large part of True Food's ethos is to reduce all waste, including plastic. Our supporters are only too aware that our world-wide obsession with using plastic is destroying our planet. But the tides are turning and many people in the UK have been spurred into taking action.
Helping shoppers to reduce plastic since 1999
The BBC's Blue Planet II highlighted the damage being done to our seas by plastic waste. We were delighted when Get Reading followed this up by highlighting the efforts True Food has made over 19 years to reduce plastic use.
Pre and Pro-Biotics
We surely all know about the gut microbiome by now. It is the prime player in our immunity and there are billions more microbes in our gut, than cells in our bodies! What does it all mean for us?
The journey to True Food
The journey to True Food is a pilgrimage, it's one of the few shops of its kind outside of London.
Free-range and organic is best for your eggs
With most foods, what you get out of it depends on what goes into its production, and this is particularly true when it comes to eggs.
Legumes low-down
Legumes are a staple food of many countries around the world and they are popular here due to their nutrient density, taste and low cost. Diana Earnshaw gives you the Legume low-down and a recipe to try.
How to eat healthily on a budget
Charlotte Hawkins offers top tips to eat healthily on a budget at True Food, as well as give you the reassurance that it has been ethically sourced with minimal environmental impact. A win-win situation!

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