Annette's Slow Cooked Green Tomato Chutney

One of our members, Annette, has sent details of her slow cooked green tomato chutney. She says she doesn’t write down recipes so can’t give exact amounts but this is how she makes it. So get the slow cooker out of the back of the cupboard and have a go at Annette’s slow cooked green tomato chutney.

In a saucepan bring to the boil some cider vinegar, dark brown sugar and molasses, and salt - small amounts of all of these to start with, as the massive reduction in volume of fruit etc will intensify these flavours.

Add chopped onions, and some garlic if wanted. Apples cut in quarters, cored, any ugly bruised or bad bits taken out, and roughly chopped. Ditto with any cooking pears if wanted. Cut green tomatoes into small chunks and add.

When all this has come to the boil, put into slow cooker: if the cooker is very full, let it stew down a bit, then put lid on for maybe one hour. Add four or five tiny green chillies, and a chunk of ginger, chopped very fine. Add a big handful of sultanas. Stir these in, and add some more dark sugar. As the chutney cooks down, keep adding more apples, pears, etc., but not during the final four hours.

Leave to cook uncovered for 36 hours, stirring occasionally to make sure it's not catching on the bottom of the crock. Overnight, turn down to low setting.

When the chutney starts to get thick and dark, taste it, and adjust amounts of vinegar, salt and sugar.

Put into smallish jars while very hot: boil the lids for a couple of minutes, drying them just before covering the chutney.

This keeps at least two years, but unlike quick-cooked chutneys, can be eaten immediately.

I've also made similar chutneys including giant courgette or plums.