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Our staff

True Food has a small staff team who perform roles that are not suitable for our members or volunteers. 

Kat Boult – Shop Manager

Email: organics@truefood.coop

My name is Kat, I began working at TF in 2020 as a shop manager alongside Helga. I discovered True Food while on a quest to improve my health and find organic and more specialised foods. 

I have had a long career in retail, mainly within visual merchandising. I also ran my own food business selling vegan and vegetarian comfort food so you could say I'm pretty interested in good food!

Since joing the True Food team I've met some amazing people.

Helga Bogisch-Francis Helga Bogisch-Francis – Shop Manager

Email: organics@truefood.coop

I live locally with my family and discovered True Food in February 2013. I became an active member straight away, helping at the shop for 14 months before I joined the staff team in April 2014.

I studied, trained and worked in areas as diverse as psychology/psychotherapy, magazine editing and bookbinding, but feel at True Food I have arrived home.

In my spare time I play recorders in small groups and orchestras. I also enjoy playing Scrabble, reading detective fiction and cycling.

Rebecca HughesRebecca Hughes – Buyer

Email: buyer@truefood.coop

I've worked full time as a Buyer at True Food since March 2013.I started to volunteer at True Food back in 2009 when I was unemployed, volunteering about 9 hours of my time a week both at the shop and markets.

My previous work experience has been working as a secretary in various corporate and local government positions.

I currently volunteer for a homeless shelter and befriending service for old people.  I'm quite active and enjoy cycling, yoga, pilates and strength training.

Penny Wenham - Finance Manager


I've worked at True Food since December 2017, with my previous background being operations management, specifically in academic publishing.

I've always been interested in food, cooking, and the environment, and have been vegan for several years. Working for True Food allows me to use my business experience in a way I find personally fulfilling.

Outside of True Food I'm very interested in the local arts scene, especially theatre, and I volunteer my spare time to this.


   Angela Morris - Business Development Lead

     Email: busdev@truefood.coop

     I started work at True Food in September 2020, having previously volunteered in

    our shop since April 2018. My varied role covers marketing, membership, policy and       procedures and supporting  our development work.

    I have mainly worked in the public sector, including a long stint at the Environment Agency office in Reading. 

I am passionate about everything food related and excited to work for an organic, local, ethical store. I also love being outdoors, particularly with my little dog.