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Our staff

True Food has an amazing team dedicated to performing roles that are not suitable for our active members. We currently have the following members of staff:

Helga Bogisch-Francis Helga Bogisch-Francis – Shop Manager

Email: organics@truefood.coop

I live locally with my family and discovered True Food in February 2013. I became an active member straight away, helping at the shop for 14 months before I joined the staff team in April 2014.

I studied, trained and worked in areas as diverse as psychology/psychotherapy, magazine editing and bookbinding, but feel at True Food I have arrived home.

In my spare time I play recorders in small groups and orchestras. I also enjoy playing Scrabble, reading detective fiction and cycling.


Rebecca HughesRebecca Hughes – Buyer

Email: buyer@truefood.coop

My name is Rebecca Hughes and I've worked full time as a Buyer at True Food since March 2013.

I started to volunteer at True Food back in 2009 when I was unemployed, volunteering about 9 hours of my time a week both at the shop and markets.

My previous work experience has been working as a secretary in various corporate and local government positions.

I currently volunteer for a homeless shelter and befriending service for old people. 

I'm quite active and enjoy cycling, yoga, pilates and strength training.